# Release Notes

Version Comments Date Initial λ Release 2018 OCT

# Haskell Template

In order for the implementation to comply with what is described on this website, it is necessary that the code can be marked as a secure code with the following compiler flags:

... -XSafe -fpackage-trust -trust=base ...

This have the consequence that some Haskell packages can’t be used, as for example Data.Text since it can’t be marked as trustworthy, while other like Data.ByteString can be marked and therefore be used.

For more information on the template, please look into the source code which can be found at:

# Open Source

We have chosen LGPL-3.0 as it is a permissive copyleft license, that will allow you to build on the provided solution but letting you decide if your work is going to get released under another license, open source or not.

With regard of the media content and since this is not our strong side, we have decided to release under another copyleft license, CC BY-SA 4.0, as it will allow people contributing with media content, to get the credits they deserve, while others still can use their work in a commercial manner.

# Contribute

There are only three ways you can contribute:

Note: Donations to Danish companies can’t be anonymous due to legislation regarding money laundering. Please ensure that your donation is linked to your information; due to resource limitations, we cannot provide any refunds.