# Advice, guidance and help

Here is a list of some companies that would be able to help you create uniprocesses for your business:

Please don’t hesitate to provides us with a pull request in order for us to update this section with your information.

Note: We reserve the right not to update the section if we can’t confirm the validity of the provided information.

# Legislation

Here is a list of the Directive 95/46/EC (EU GDPR) articles that the uniprocesses cover and with a short explanation on how:

It’s obvious on how these articles are covered with the presented concept of uniprocess as we will have absolute control over which and how data flows through a process by using state of the art technology, built on sound foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science. Our concept might differ from other that we are able to solve Article § 25.3 as we built in the mechanism to demonstrate compliance directly into the software applications which will allow for easier and more trustworthy audits when performed by the authorities.